First published in 2010, the Oncothermia Journal looks back at over 10 years of providing new insights into the method of Oncothermia. The initial volume of the Journal was introduced in connection with the first International Oncothermia‑Symposium in Cologne. In the respective editorial, Prof. Andras Szasz, inventor of Oncothermia and founder of Oncotherm, said that “[w]ith this booklet we want to start a new tradition […]”.

Meet the Executive Editor

Prof. Dr. Andras Szasz has been a researcher and educator for over 45 years and is still enthusiastic about teaching and sharing his knowledge with every new generation of students. Research itself has always been his passion, making him eager for discussions, new insights and solving problems.

In 1988, Prof. Dr. Szasz incorporated Oncotherm to realize his research results and implement his ideas linked to findings in the field of surface physics, more precisely the membranes of the malignant cells. He acted as the CEO of the company until 2010, when he handed his task over to his son Dr. Oliver Szasz. Since then, he has been acting as the Chief Scientific Officer of Oncotherm and as the Executive Editor of the Oncothermia Journal.

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