Oncothermia Journal
Volume 8

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Szasz A, Szasz O (2013) Oncothermia protocol. Oncothermia Journal 8:13-45

Abstract Oncothermia is a highly personalized treatment modality. It is not a “gold standard” yet, but it is on the way to reach its position as a “fourth column” among the main oncotherapy modalities. It has wide-range applicability for every solid tumors in all possible localizations, irrespective its primary  or metastatic  form.  It could  be applied  complementary  to all the known  oncotherapy methods.  It  is  applicable  in  higher  lines  of  the  therapy  protocols,  even  in  the  refractory  and relapsed cases as well. Its applicability contains the curative and palliative approaches as well as it is well personalized to provide the optimal available treatment for the given case.”

Szasz A, Szasz O (2013) Case reports made by Oncothermia. Oncothermia Journal 8:47-88

“In order to provide a comprehensive insight into the indications under which patients are being treated with oncothermia we would like to present a few representative cases. Some of the cases are very new, some of them were treated over a 5-year period, used for follow-up cases and other possibilities. These old treatments are new results for the follow-up, which is the critical issue for the feasibility of future prospective trials. We would like to demonstrate the efficacy of the oncothermia method in some peculiar cases. These are selected to show the very advanced cases as well as such localizations that are contraindicated by conventional hyperthermia, but where oncothermia is able to handle the case (brain, eye, etc.) We have to add an important  safety note however: these cases require great expertise of the oncothermia applications, special care with extreme attention at the treatment always counting the inherent risk of causing harm. The patients senses in these cases give crucial control and have to be regarded as the main feedback mechanism during treatment.”

Szasz A, Szasz O (2013) Clinical studies made by Oncothermia. Oncothermia Journal 8:90-175

“Desription of the studies
Oncothermia has a long-time history with large number of documented case reports and clinical trials [1]. During more than 20 years 43 studies were performed involving more than 2000 patients all together from 14 clinics in 4 countries (see Table 1.) Details of the clinical effects is summarized in the publications as well as in the specialized monograph [1]. The clinical trials of oncothermia are dominantly retrospective. To develop randomized clinical trials has a challenge for patients. Patients do not agree to be in the control-arm at any case. In most of the cases they are registered for oncothermia because the other (conventional gold standards) are fallen. This case could be progression anyway, resistance, organ-overload (kidney, liver, etc.), relapses, sometimes psycho-resistance, etc.”